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Nevada 2.0: New Economies for a Sustainable Future

January 17, 2011

Nevada 2.0: New Economies for a Sustainable Future was held on January 7, 2011, to explore opportunities to diversify Nevada’s economy by examining similar efforts in nearby states. Hosted By: Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki, Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, and Assembly Speaker John Oceguera.

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Welcoming Remarks (27m:17s)

Phil Satre, Brian Krolicki (2:20), Steven Horsford (16:10), John Oceguera (22:50)

Setting the Stage for Nevada (27m:24s)

Phil Satre, Dr. Robert Lang (5:30)

Regional Report - Salt Lake City, Utah (33m:26s)

Ted McAleer, Executive Director, USTAR Governing Authority

Regional Report - Phoenix, Arizona (29m:41s)

Todd Hardy, Associate Vice President, Economic Affaris, Arizona State University

Regional Report - Dallas, Texas (25m:53s)

Mike Rosa, Vice President, Regional Development, Dallas Regional Chamber

Regional Report - Denver, Colorado (22m:58s)

Tom Clark, Executive Director
Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation & Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce

Morning Summary/Wrap-up (6m:52s)

Dr. Robert Lang

Lunch Keynote Speaker (33m:49s)

Stan Jones, Founder & President, Complete College America
“Research Universities as Engines for Economic Development and Diversification”

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