Graduate Students Writing for Publication Workshop 2: Finding the Right Journal for Your Work

Participants in this workshop will learn about using bibliometrics to evaluate journals for publication, including understanding various impact numbers. They will also learn and practice strategies for finding appropriate journals for their work, analyzing journals’ audiences, and understanding journals’ style requirements.

The presentation will take about 90 minutes and will be followed by a practice session during which writers will be able to get informal individual guidance. Those who would like individual guidance should bring a paper they are considering for publication and a device (laptop, smartphone) that will allow them to access the internet and generate their own list of potential journals for publication in their field.

Confirmed Guest Editors:

  • Heidi Johnson (Social Sciences)
  • Priscilla Finley (Liberal Arts)
  • Xan Goodman (Health Sciences)
  • John Novak (Bibliometrics)
  • Andrea Wirth (Digital Scholarship)

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